Romulan Breeze

This is what I have today. I got this a couple days ago and I really like it. It’s very sedating. It’s Romulan with natural blackberry and cucumber flavors. The flavor is very refreshing and I like the effect. Really relaxing but still focused and creative. I really like these Sunday Extracts they’re my favorite carts so far. The taste is really clean and they have good medicinal effects. They’re really consistent and I don’t have any problem with clogging. A lot of other brands I had tried clogged a lot when they got about halfway empty.

You can really tell a difference in the different strains it’s not just different packaging and different flavors. I also really like the Pacific Peach it’s very calming and good for sleep. I like them all in terms of quality and flavor, these are just my personal favorites because I like sedating ones.

This is a popular and successful brand so I don’t think it’s going to disappear from stores suddenly like some others I liked have. It’s been really a struggle to find carts that have good medicinal effects, don’t clog and available in stores near me so I’m super excited.

It’s also totally affordable I paid only $25 for this one a lot of other stores sell them for $35 which is still a great deal. Imagine being able to actually afford quality medicine . 🤯🤯

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