Relaxing 10/02/2021

This is my weed stuff and snacks that I have tonight. I am listening to relaxing sleep music and sedating myself safely before I go to sleep. The cats are here too. They’re not running around the house acting crazy yet, probably here in a couple hours they will. 🤣

I have some kombucha in the little Vegenaise jar. I like to drink kombucha and it has b12 so you don’t get pernicious anemia. 😬

I haven’t smoked the flower yet. It looks pretty good. It’s Peyote Cookies. It was only $5 when I bought the cart so I figured I should try it. It looks pretty good for $5. I would rather have a $5 gram than a $5 preroll. 😝 You can grind the gram up and roll it in a cigarillo and see what the weed really looks like. I can say weed bc I own this domain and not Mark Zuckerberg. 🖕

Everything I talk about on this blog is totally legal that I have from legal stores for medicinal purposes. None of the weed stuff is for sale, I just post pictures of my stuff in case anybody is interested. I have my legal plants. I like growing them because it’s interesting and I know they don’t have chemicals or glyphosphate on them. It takes such a long time before you can smoke it. I hate waiting for weed to grow. 😬

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