These are the things that I use to grow medical weed, indooors, for personal use. There are other things that you can use or you can make your system more fancy, but these are the basic things that will give you some nice weed that you like to smoke and cook with. None of this is terribly expensive, you can get everything shipped to you within a day or two if you are an AMAZON PRIME member and using the Advanced Nutrients system you don’t have to spend a lot of time guessing about things or adjusting your ph.

Everything here is what I use for growing in coco coir, you can use some of it for hydroponics growing as well. I currently use coco and I think it is good and easy to use indoors without having a lot of technical knowledge or having grown cannabis beforehand. You don’t really have to do that much in terms of setup so it is great if you don’t have a lot of time or tools and space to build stuff. I do want to try hydro in the near future and I think that it is probably easier than most people think, but I also grow some of my own cooking herbs and vegetables such as basil, cilantro and the coco system with the Advanced Nutrients works really well for those also and my basil tastes really nice and is a great addition to the vegan pho on my cooking page.

If you don’t really have time or like to shop or if you live somewhere that you do not have access to a specialty gardening store, then you can get everything you need to get some nice smokable weed right here, delivered to your doorstep for free if you have AMAZON PRIME. It’s a good deal and will save you money from going to the dispensaries in the long run, plus you get to learn about growing which also has a therapeutic value and the plants themselves will keep your air more oxygenated.

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